The Company is committed to contribute to the advancement and facilitation of real estate trust market with healthy financial structure and transparent management as it realizes the customer satisfaction management on the basis of creativeness and trust.


  • Aug.08.2018Inauguration of CEO Hyukjong Cho
  • Jul.31.2018Changed to Kyobo Life 100% subsidiary
  • Dec.08.201820th anniversary
  • Jul.31.2018Homepage renewal open
  • Mar.09.2018Development of next generation IT system
  • Dec.31.201722 trillion deposits, total assets 146 billion, Equity capital of KRW 103.3 billion, net income of KRW 23.8 billion
  • Dec.18.2017424 Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu (Daechi-dong, Daechi Tower)Move office to 14th to 16th floor
  • Dec.08.2017Presidential Award for Contribution to the Housing Industry Development
  • Sep.06.2017Site creation company registration (Korea Housing Association)
  • May.30.2017Appointed Kim, In Hwan to the President
  • Dec.31.2016Trust deposits : KRW 17.9 trillion
    Total assets : KRW 113.7 billion
    Net income : KRW 20.5 billion
  • Dec.31.2015Trust deposits : KRW 12.5 trillion Total assets : KRW 94.5 billion Net income : KRW 12.2 billion
  • Dec.31.2014Trust deposits : KRW 9.4 trillion
    Total assets : KRW 75.6 billion
  • May.30.2014Appointed Kim, Sang Jin to the CEO & President
  • Mar.02.2012Relocated office to eight and ninth floors of the Metro
    Building, 299 Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Dec.31.2011Total assets: KRW 71.0 billion
  • May.30.2011Appointed Cho, Moon Sung to the CEO & President
  • Jan.31.2011Licensed to operate as an asset management company
    (AMC) of K-REITs (Ministry of Land, Transport and
    Maritime ffairs)


  • Jun.04.2010Authorized to deal in inheritance trusts
    (Korea Financial Investment Association)
  • Apr.30.2010Trust deposits : KRW 11.3 trillion
  • Jun.30.2009Trust deposits exceeded KRW 10 trillion
  • Feb.04.2009Acquired license for financial investment business
    (trust business) under Capital Market Integration Act
  • Dec.31.2008Registered as a real estate development business with (Seoul-city)
  • May.30.2008Appointed Cha, Hung Nam to the president
  • Sep.02.2005Approval from the Supervisory Service for the real estate sales management and trust
  • May.30.2005Appointed Kim, Hak song to the President
  • Dec.31.2004Total trust deposit : 3.08 trillion won
    Total assent : 48.0 billion won
  • Jun.17.2004Registered as a specialized (Seoul City)
    urban redevelopment
  • Dec.31.2003Total trust deposit : 3.3 trillion won
    Total assent : 44.5 billion won
  • Jun.30.2003Total assets reached 40.0 billion won
  • Dec.31.2002Total trust deposit : 3.3 tril won
    total assets : 37.1 billion won
  • May.30.2002Appointed Ahn, Sang Sik to the president
  • Dec.07.2001Change in the shares of the majorshareholders
    (Kyobo Life : 50%, Samsung Life : 50%)
  • Nov.31.2001total assets : 24.5 billion won
  • May.31.2001Total asset reached 20.0 billion won
    Total Trust deposit : 2.48 trillion won


  • Dec.31.2000Total trust deposit : 1.1 trillion won
    Total asset : 17.5 billion won
  • May.31.2000Approval for the land trust sales
    (Financial Supervisory Service)
  • Jan.30.1999Change in the shares of the major shareholders
  • Dec.12.1998Commencement
  • Dec.08.1998Appointed Roh, Hee Sik to the first president of Saenbo
    Real Estate Trust Co.,Ltd.
  • Nov.13.1998Approval for the investment, Financial Supervisory
    Commission [Financial Supervisory Service]
  • Nov.04.1998Official approval as the real estate trust company
  • Jun.05.1998Internal approval for the real estate trust company
    [Ministry of Finance and Economy]