Land Trust

Corporate real estate service

Providing creative solution buttressed by the reasonable basis


In relation to the real estate development, management and disposition, the Company provides the optimal solution to meet the needs of clients through professional Knowledge, experience, beginning analysis, and networking for the diverse and complicated problems for clients.
  • Advisory on optimal facilitation of real estate.
  • Identify, and investment analysis of market opportunity
  • Establish investment strateg
  • Analysis of capital market/ lease sales market
  • Deal Structuring

Asset management and operation

The best professionals provide satisfaction to real estate owners and tenants by undertaking the works of financial management, taxation, leasehold, sales, building management and others in addition to the asset management using the existing trust as a way of helping real estate asset to be managed as much dfficiency as possible.
  • Leasehold service
  • Evaluation of asset management efficiency
  • Establish asset management strategy and investment guideline
  • Asset reorganization and asset securitization
  • Financial analysis and relevant legal services
  • Establishment of new investment and alternative execution plan

Property ㆍ purchase and disposition

The Company helps to make flawless sales of the investment properties with the accurate market analysis and systematic and efficient strategy and provides the efficiency maximization of the applicable properties by linking with leasehold advisory and others.
  • Due diligence, value evaluation and contract relationship review
  • Securing and selection of buyer/ seller
  • Land purchase service
  • Taxation/ accounting/ legal affairs advisory
  • Tenant Networking

Project Management

The Company delegates all parts of project including the business plan, selection of service provider, construction plan, design management, permit and license, strategy to shorten the schedule, review of legal matters, managing the stipulations and others in a way of maximizing efficiency minimizing business costs.
  • Review of business feasibility
  • Establish the estimated cash flow and fund injection plan
  • Construction management and service undertaking
  • Equity / capital investor subscription
  • Present the risk minimizing plan

Capital market

When acquiring the assets, we provide the advisory service on optimal funding structure and support with the debt service thereof, and the Company helps on strategic income for saving the financial cost as well as adjusting of opinions of interested parties as well as help maintaining the stable cash flow through the asset securitization.
  • Fund procurement for investment and development business
  • Calculation of optimal capital structure for each business
  • Asset securitization and credit securitization
  • Analysis, forecasting and responsive plan for capital market
  • Establish REITs, PFV and other vehicles
  • Research &
    Consulting Service
    - Analysis of real estate
    market trend
    - Real estate investment
    product information
    - Business structure advisory
    and investment advisory
  • Asset Management - Purchase and sales service
    - Real estate operation and
    - leasehold service
  • Agency Service - Project management (PM)
    - Invesment management and
    attraction PFV REITS
    - Incubating Deal Structuring: