Land Trust

Summary of management trust

Class A management trust
  • Active management works for product, title management and leasehold management, facility maintenance and
  • management and others by professionals on behalf of grantor
  • Increase of operation profit and asset value through professional management, such as, securing of ancor tenants
  • Professional management function, such as, maintenance, management and decision making of disposition in consideration of life cycle of real estate
Class B management trust
  • Management works to manage and conserve the title on the register through trust
  • Prevent the interference on pertinent credits on the real estate owned by the grantor during the term of trust

Strength of management trust

In the event that the efficient management is difficult due to lack of professional Knowledge on real estate management,
It is possible th save the management costs by using the professional know-how of the trust company
In the event that the direct management of real estate is difficult due to the inevitable causes, such as long-term overseas stay, high age senior, under-age person and others,
The trust company manages safely and efficiently to distribute the profit.
In the event that the higher yield is expected on the real estate in possession
Use the reliability and sales network of the trust company to maximize the operation profit through the improvement of lease rate
In the event that there is a need to protect the property right against unexpected future
During the term of the trust, the compulsive action by a third party, such as garnishment on the property is prevented.

Work procedure of management trust

  • Reception
    of application
  • Consultation
    and survey
  • Analysis
  • Entering
    into the trust
  • Trust
    Transfer of title
    to trust company
    Identified managemant
    of trust assets
  • Leasehold
  • Building management
    Fund management, taxation work Profit distribution
  • Expiration
    of trust

Business structure of management trust

Class A management trust

Class B management trust