Land Trust

What is disposition trust ?

If you choose a trust company for the real estate with difficulties in general disposition, The trust company would find appropriate purchaser to make safe disposition of the property.

Use the disposition trust in the following situation

In the event that the disposition of real estate is difficult for general method with its large size, high price or complicated liens and encumbrances
The management cost may be saved by using the specialized know-how of the trust company.
In the event that the real estate in possession is to be disposed in short period of time for high price
The Company will dispose the property with the highest possible price in shortest period of time through various sales techniques and information network of the trust company.
In the event that the real estate is difficult to dispose personally due to the long-term overseas stay or immigration
On behalf of the real estate owner, the trust company disposes the properties safely and returns the profit there of.
In the event the the land and building titles are secured in near future for it is not possible to purchase the land and building for the development business and other cases
As designated for purchase scheduled person under the disposition trust contract. It is possible to secure the title to the land and building through business permit/license and securing of fund.
In the event that it is purported to prevent the exposure of individual and company holding the real estate
In the event that it requires prevention of the external exposure and security thereof for the owner, the trust company would dispose and transfer the title.

Required documents for disposition trust

Required disposition trusts at the time of entering into the contract
  • A copy of application for disposition trust
  • Two copies of corporate certified registration
  • A copy of the minutes of the board of directors [for corporation]
  • A copy of the Articles of incorporation [for corporation]
  • A copy of corporate business registration certificate [for issuing the calculation statement]
  • 2 copies of certified seal impression
  • A copy of certified land registry
  • A copy of certified building registry
  • Certificate of full payment of regional tax / national tax
Required documents for the trust registration
  • Registered certificate of right
  • Official seal certificate
  • Power of attorney [affixation of seal impression]

Costs of disposition trust

Within the range of 0.2 ~ 1.2% of the disposition price

How does the representation work ?

  • Consultation
  • Reception of trust subscription
  • Entering into
    trust contract
  • Title transfer
    and management by the trust
  • disposed profit distribution